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Please take the time to stop by the Parish - Tanner Family discussion forum. This should be a great place to help bring all the cousins together. Who knows you may find one of your neighbors is your cousin!!

I have also added a Car Audio site. It is feel free to check it out and give me some input on it.

Check here for the most recent changes and
additions to the site!!

It is my Goal with this Site to try to gather and share as much
information about the families contained here in this web site.

The Primary Family is the
Parish and Tanner family. Included in this
Morgan, Parrish, Burke, Burks, Graham, Williams, Pickle,
Choisser, Burris, Grover, Smith, Esry, Purvis, Broach, Colvin, Steele,
Randolph, and to many more to list here.

This list is ever growing so check back often. If you have a family site let
me know and can put a link to yours if it is relevant.

You may also View related Family websites by clicking here.

It is the purpose of this site to Provide a place that we can all come
together and to find lost branches of the Family.

The Choisser's have done a Great gob on their site connecting the
families there. The Williams', Broach's, and Graham's have been able to
keep that part of the family tied together. While the Parish's (and
Parrish's) and Tanner's have not been as tight nit.

I am Parish Lee Tanner Jr. The Parish Family joined The Choisser Family
with the marriage of Mary Ann Choisser 3/20/1832-10/21/1909 to William
H. Parish 9/26/1827-3/23/1913 on 12/24/1850. Phillip Sheridan Parish
3/17/1868-7/28/1930 Married Portia Azalea Randolph 3/24/1877-7/14/1951.
They had one child (a Daughter) named Alice Martha Parish
8/19/1897-11/21/1981 that Married Lee Roy Tanner 11/5/1894-5/21/1981.
This was Alice's only marriage and she had one son. This son was
named Parish to carry on the Parish Family name. This was in-fact Lee's
Second marriage. He had a son named Leslie fro the first wife. His
location is unknown at this time as well as his children's. The son Parish
had a Daughter named Alice after his mother and a Name sake son (me).